It’s time to lodge your tax return

It’s time to lodge your tax return and here are some simple tips that will help you get all your ducks in a row and ready to lodge!
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1. Get your records together

  • To prepare your tax return, you’ll need to get all your paperwork in order. This will include your Group Certificate from your employer, receipts for proof of deductions you claim, and bank statements showing interest you received on your accounts or interest you paid to the bank (for claiming interest deductions).
  • Group Certificates and financial statements will be sent out after 30 June, be ready to file your statements as you receive them.
  • Keep a copy of the online version of employer and personal finance statements in a folder or file you can easily access from work or home.
  • It makes a huge difference if you set up a good filing system and sort out your documents as you go, this will avoid delays caused by having to request new statements.

2. Consider if anything different happened during the year

  • Think about the things that were new for you this year as these might affect your taxes.
  • Did you buy an investment asset? Whether its shares, property or a managed fund, if you borrowed to invest in it, you may be eligible for interest deductions you paid during the year as well as any interest prepaid before the end of the year.
  • Did you change jobs, become unemployed or were made redundant? These events can change your tax rate for the year. A large portion of redundancy payments can be tax-free, so have a close look at the documentation you are given.

3. Know what you can claim

  • The general rule is that if you incurred a cost or expense in order to derive income, you should be able to get a tax deduction for it. If in doubt, speak to us for guidance.
  • Don’t forget that deductions or rebates may be available for certain medical, self-education, childcare and other personal expenses.


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